PSP’s Francis Yuen Calls Ong Ye Kung Out For Making False Allegations

The People’s Action Party (PAP) has been taking issue with Progress Singapore Party (PSP)’s statements against CECA. Most recently, Ong Ye Kung claimed that unhappiness towards Indian immigrants in Singapore is fuelled largely by false allegations made by PSP on how the CECA has allowed Indian professionals to come here easily for work.

In response, PSP issued a statement on Thursday evening (1 July) to refute Ong Ye Kung’s allegations.

What happened to having a proper debate about CECA? Why is this Ong Ye Kung stepping in to talk about this when Shanmugam already say he will debate PSP? Also, is it PAP immune to POFMA that’s why their people can anyhow say rubbish like that without prove?

The PSP is helping Singaporeans voice out their very legitimate concerns, the CECA has taken too many things away from us. This is not about racism, this is about building a Singapore for Singaporeans!

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