Netizen Complains About Neighbours Allegedly Shifting Incense Bin To The Front Of Their Unit

Earlier today, Syaiful Nazmy took to Facebook to express his frustrations with an incense bin that was apparently shifted to the front of his unit. He says that they are being selfish if the bin was being shifted because they didn’t want the bin in front of their own unit.

“woke up to the smell of incense and to my surprise they shifted the whole bin to right infront of our unit..this is not the first time..that is not the designated place to do burning..this did not happen once or twice..but on multiple occasions.. i am not being racist whatsoever but if the reason they shifted it because their unit is where the bin originally is then they are really being selfish.. another problem .. 11 people on one spot? really?”
– Syaiful Nazmy

Syaiful also says that he is not a racist person because he got “many friends their race and religion”, and that he has “complained to the MP of chua chu kang before and nothing useful was done”.

One netter who allegedly lives in the area shared that the burning may be related to the 2 funerals that are held there.

Others tell him to be a bit more sensitive in this period .

What do you think? For all to decide.

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