MOH Repeatedly Sends Vaccine Reminders To The Wrong Person!

Earlier today, Dr. Chen Chih Min wrote a Straits Times Forum letter sharing that he has been receiving texts regarding vaccination for a Mr Ang Cheo Kuan for a few months. Even after he informed MOH about it multiple times, they just told him to “ignore the erroneous message”.

“First, a text saying thank you for registering for the vaccination. As I did not want him to miss out on his vaccination, I called the Ministry of Health’s hotline and was told to simply ignore the erroneous SMS. I told the person on the line that Mr Ang needed to get the message, and asked that she pass the message on to the relevant department.

A few weeks later, I again received a text regarding Mr Ang’s vaccination. This time, I e-mailed the ministry, received a reply and believed the matter was settled. But on Tuesday, I got another text reminding Mr Ang to get his vaccination.”
– Dr. Chen Chih Min

What is MOH doing? People already inform you that he is not the intended recipient of the message, he even reminded you to inform Mr Ang about it. Why was the matter not fixed? So has Mr Ang got his vaccination?

Multiple netters also shared that they received similar messages.

Is there no way for MOH to at least remove the wrong number from the person’s records?

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