MOH Stops Giving Details of Covid Cases. Are They Not Going to Tell Us About Imported Ones?

MOH will stop reporting details of people who are infected with Covid-19, the places they went to, and the date and time they visited those areas. By doing so, it claims that Singaporeans can focus on vaccinating our population and preventing the spread of the virus as this is going to be the “new normal”.

However, many people disagreed with MOH’s decision. While personal information may be kept confidential, MOH should at least disclose the locations visited by infectious cases. The public has the right to know and decide what is safe for themselves.

Besides, how does hiding this detail help in preventing the spread of the virus? Some speculated that they are trying to hide information about our imported cases.

Now that there is a more infectious Delta Plus variant, who is to know that it will not reach Singapore? When it really happens, how will we know that we are safe if they do not disclose more details to us?

Netizens have criticized the bad move by MOH and the Multi-Ministry Task Force. We can accept Covid-19 as the new normal but not if they are going to hide so many things from us. Where is the openness and transparency? This is for our health and our well being. It is only right that the government tells us what we need to know.

“My house got a lot of mosquitoes, but I am not going to tell all the persons living inside my house how many mosquitoes I have daily because I want to invite more visitors to my house.”

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