Nobody Helped Me When I Was Harassed on the Bus. I Felt So Alone and Invisible

A woman was shocked that nobody stepped up to help her even though she was molested on the bus.

Two days ago, she was on the way home when a man boarded the same bus and sat a few rows behind her. She guessed that he was mentally unsound as he walked strangely and kept talking to himself. After a while, he walked to the front and fell on her although the bus was not moving. He then sat on the seat across the aisle. Soon after, he got up and pretended to fall again by sitting on the woman’s lap.

“…He stood up to get off the bus and he fell on me once again, his butt was on my lap. I instinctively pushed him away, stood up and kicked his back. He stumbled forward, pointed the middle finger at me and left the bus…

The lady sitting next to me was glancing and saw what happened, and as soon as I turned to look at her she turned her head to look out the window and that would be the last time she would turn back to look at me.”

Two stops later, the same man boarded the bus again.

“I was just wondering how he managed to teleport two bus stops away, or if he took another bus behind the one I was in. The man tapped in and was shouting ‘ccb’, and ‘f*ck you’.”

No one seemed to notice or care.

Everything was fine until the woman arrived at her bus stop. The man alighted and stood waiting for her at the bus stop. Afraid, the woman did not feel like getting off. The man then ran to the front of the bus and hopped on again.

“At this point I just wanted to get out so I slammed my hand against the card-tapping machine and shouted ‘LET ME OUT’, then I walked over to the bus driver, past the same man who was sitting down. I told the bus driver ‘uncle, just now that man that you just let in, he just molested me and you let him come in the bus again. I don’t know if we need to call police or what because he seems mentally unsound.’

The uncle simply stared at me and replied, ‘So what do you want to do?’ and at that moment I was so confused, the person who had some control of this bus and situation was asking me what to do? I became frustrated and told the uncle, ‘I want to get off at this stop, don’t let him get off, but I’m telling you. He is on this bus.’

I was just so confused when the uncle simply closed the doors and drove away, as if I was the one delaying the bus.”

The woman reported the incident to SMRT but she was more infuriated that nobody in the bus bothered to help her. Even if they saw what happened, they did not care and were busy looking at their phones or out of the window. Why was everyone silent? What happened to our gracious society? Where are the kind Singaporeans who will help each other out?

“In that crowded bus I felt more alone than ever, not helpless but invisible.”

“There are so many people around us who need help. Just by taking the first step to help can generate the ripple effect to inspire so many more people making the change that is needed in our country. I just really want there to be no more bystanders in Singapore, may we all go out to be the light at the end of the tunnel for someone.”

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