Netizen: Stranger Threatens Me To A Fight, I Asked MRT Staff For Help But He Ignored Me!

Earlier today, Lakshme shared in a Facebook post that she encountered this xiaolang while taking the train back home, going through the Tanah Merah transit. The man in the photograph randomly decided to shout at her, and even charged at her to pick a fight.

“I was playing mobile game on my phone while waiting for my transit. Then suddenly I noticed someone was shouting loudly, I removed my earphones and realised a man sitting slightly opposite me was the cause of the commotion, worst part was that he was directing his shout at me.. I took a video of him. He continued to shout at me and became a bit violent, charging towards me to pick a fight.”
– Lakshme Subramannian

When Lakshme arrived at Tampines MRT, she went to the MRT counter to ask for help. However, the person-in-charge didn’t even bother to help her. Instead, the staff just asked her to go to the police station to make a report.

Isn’t the MRT staff there to assist passengers, especially when they are in danger?! Even if the staff didn’t manage to keep the xiaolang around, he should have at least helped Lakshme to call the police or the security officers there! How can they be so dismissive? MRT keep increasing the fare but then their service as lousy as always!

See the video of the incident here.

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