Entitled FT Unhappy that Children in Singapore Are Getting Vaccinated Before Her

A foreign talent in Singapore was complaining about having to wait very long for the vaccine. She was unhappy that she cannot get it yet even though children aged 12 can already get theirs.

She cried that we discriminate against expats like her who have contributed as much as us, or if not more, to our economy. She felt unfair that she did not have priority for vaccination.

The self-entitled FT also said that this should not be happening in a developed country like Singapore:

“Singapore has means, status and money required to get vaccines, get the registration open and see where we go from there but putting 12 yo teenage in priority to that of 39yo diabetic patient [likely referring to herself].”

“This is not somalia we are talking about, this is SINGAPORE. The ‘most affluential’ asia’s economy”

Too bad for her because she is not Singaporean nor does she understand the need to put our own citizens first. If she thinks her home country can do better, why not go back? We don’t need more self-entitled FTs like her!

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