Kf Seetoh: NEA Wants to Raise Hawker’s Rental When They Are Already Struggling!

Food critic Kf Seetoh had words to say to the Singapore government. He was angry that they revised the rental fees for hawkers such that some have to pay almost 40% more. This comes at a time when hawkers are experiencing slow business as people work from home and are restricted from dining out in groups.

“Why oh why I ask. You may need to claw back to top up the national coffers but do your leaders even know it’s a horrible timing to do so now. This hawker had been languishing in sales this whole year.

Even with the 2 people rule, things aren’t looking rosy for them… and many offline hawkers are left to dry out.”

Our hawker uncles and aunties are already struggling. They are not earning much due to Covid-19 and the fact that the food they sell are not very expensive. That’s why people from all walks of life are trying to help them by promoting their stalls on social media or making our way down to patronize them.

Instead of helping them get through the crisis, our government wants to raise their rental fees? Are we seeing this right? Because it doesn’t make sense. This is the worst time to take from them. It is utterly distasteful and lacks compassion on so many levels.

So much for supporting local hawkers and promoting our hawker culture! The elite leaders have proven themselves to be out of touch again. Will they ever understand the needs of Singaporeans and stop taking whole chickens from us?

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