Student Exposes ITE Lecturer for Allegedly Having Intolerant Beliefs. Is He Fit to Teach?

There is a lecturer from ITE College East who had been constantly posting messages in Facebook that are culturally and religiously sensitive. In recent weeks, he had also been advocating against the use of Covid-19 vaccines by citing sources from dubious websites. Ironically, the lecturer is from ITE’s School of Applied Health Sciences.

Previously, the lecturer had been posting hate messages against LGBT community and had also touched on sensitive topics related to the Gaza Strip. It is very clear that he has very little tolerance towards homosexuality and people who do not share the same beliefs as him.

Other than these opinions, he had also openly denied climate change and also posted messages discouraging the wearing of masks.

As educators, there is a need to refrain from advocating for any political sides and religious beliefs as these affects those that you are teaching. From his posts, it is obvious that the lecturer truly believes in what he preached. This then raises the questions, are these ideologies being taught in his classes? How do students (with different beliefs) feel when we attend his classes? What if I am a homosexual and I am his student? Will I be treated fairly?

I had blurred out his identity to prevent doxxing. But I would like ITE to look into this seriously because my previous attempts to highlight this issue had not been addressed.

Reader’s Contribution by Carrie

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