India Reports First Death from Delta+ Variant As Singapore Shortens SHN for Travelers

India reported its first death from the Delta plus variant. The fatality happened in the state of Madhya Pradesh.

Delta plus is a mutation that is even more infectious than the already infectious Delta variant. The number of Delta plus cases in India doubled from 22 to 40 in just a day, prompting the country to declare it as a variant of concern.

Some experts believe that India will experience a third wave by October and warned against lifting restrictions so soon.

Meanwhile, the Singapore government has boldly decided to cut stay-home notice for travelers from high-risk countries from 21 to 14 days. The shortened SHN takes place today.

Did they not learn from the last time when we let in South Asian travelers and the Delta variant? It did not take long for the variant to spread to Singaporeans and become locally dominant. We had to go through another “almost” lockdown and change our lifestyles again. Even after going through all that and knowing that there is a new mutation, our leaders decided to relax the SHN requirement for South Asian travelers.

Do you agree with their decision? Have they forgotten about our calls to close borders? Or have they forgotten about us?

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