Group of 16 South Asians Blatantly Ignores COVID Rules, Gathers In Punggol Condominium

On 23 June, one netter shared in Facebook group COMPLAINT SINGAPORE about a gathering of more than 16 South Asians in a Punggol condominium.

“Anguish . Privileged residents with intermingling of more than 16 people in Punggol condominium. We do our part while FT blatantly disregarded all rules. Police report filed but no action might be taken”

We need to take such breaches of our COVID measures seriously. Do they think that they don’t have to follow our rules just because they are not Singaporeans? We Singaporeans have cooperated and worked hard during the Circuit Breakers, even our businesses are suffering already. We cannot continue to let these South Asians think that they are above the law!

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