Airpods Seller Receives Racist Enquiry -Buyer Refuses To Buy From Malays or Indians

On 22 June 2021, Airpods seller @podpodsg shared that they received a racist enquiry who asked the sellers for their race. In the screenshots, the buyer questioned, “erm wat race r u guys?” before adding that they have had bad experiences dealing with Malays and Indians “so i rather just stick w my own race when it comes to buying things.”

“let me js str8 forward w u ok? if u r off malay or indian race ,, i think i js find other sellers ok. I have bad experiences with dealing with this races so i rather just stick w my own race when it comes to buying things.”

Kudos to @podpodsg for remaining calm when responding to this unreasonable and racist buyer! In the comments, despite other netters asking for the identity of the buyer, @podpodsg responded that there is no point in naming or shaming the person, hoping that he/she learns their lesson anonymously.

With the many racist actions coming to light, the government needs to take sterner actions so that these people will learn their lessons! We cannot let them sow discord in our community!

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