160th Reader: Stop Relying on Cleaners. We Must Clean Housing Estates Ourselves!

A reader who wrote in to 160 media said that Singaporeans should start cleaning our own housing estates.

Due to Covid-19, fewer migrant workers are allowed into our country. As a result, we have a shortage of cleaners and many estates have become filthy.

The reader suggested for all of us to take initiative in cleaning the estate ourselves, as we have become too reliant on cleaners to do the work for us. Migrant workers should only complement our work and not entirely replace our efforts.

“It is because of this dependence on others to clean our city that we forgot our culture of doing our part.”

Although there are resident volunteers who go around picking up litter, the reader thinks that it is not enough. Everyone must be involved as it is our social responsibility.

“To fill the gaps left by the shortage of cleaners, we should gather ourselves in groups of two to three, with pairs of tongs and trash bags, and clean a stretch of 500m in all our housing estates.

This could be done on a rotating basis, with groups of residents taking turns to head out each day or at least once a week.”

This way, the existing cleaners can focus on cleaning non-residential areas instead, and Singaporeans will also be less prone to littering. Imagine how much of our city will be cleaned!

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