Uncle Who Refuses To Wear His Mask Properly: “Are you a police? Or police dog?”

The new “Where’s your badge? Who are you representing?”

On 15 June 2021 at around 8pm, this uncle was taking the East West Line towards the west when a number of passengers noticed that he didn’t wear his mask properly, covering only his chin, and he talked loudly in the train. Some passengers reminded him to wear his mask properly, but he mocked them as “Phubber” (“phone” + “snubber”).

In a 1-minute video taken by a “Sakura’, the uncle can be seen making fun of another passenger for not being able to speak mandarin, saying that “Chinese should speak mandarin” while pulling down his mask to show his face.

Near the end of the video, he asked, “Are you police? Or a police dog?” He even threatened him to a fight and called the passenger a busybody.

According to the lady who took the video, when she asked a female staff at Clementi MRT station at which the man disembarked, “the staff said that the man goes in and out of Clementi station every day without wearing mask properly.”

Why are there so many xiaolangs these days who don’t want to follow COVID rules and still anyhow scold other people? How come the staffs at the MRT station still let him go in and out of the MRT if they already see it everyday? The authorities need to take action on this! We need to stop letting people feel like they can just ignore rules just because nobody with a badge is there to catch them!

Watch the full video here.

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