Shaw Centre Stations 60-year-old Man In Cargo Lift To Scan SafeEntry?!

Shaw Centre had put a temperature scanner in one of its cargo lifts and deployed the lift’s sole attendant, a 60-year-old man, to supervise it. This happened after a Safe Distancing Ambassador allegedly told the mall that visitors can enter the mall via the cargo lift and bypass the SafeEntry checkpoint.

The cargo lift operates from 10am to 6pm, with a two-hour cleaning period from 12pm to 2pm. Shaw Centre reportedly said that the cargo lift is well-ventilated. It is also cleaned and disinfected every two hours. Even if the lift is well-ventilated/cleaned/disinfected, that is 6 hours in a confined area. What if there is a lot of cargo travelling in the lift? The air wouldn’t be as well-ventilated then!

One netter “Annie Lim” commented that the man in question is her brother. She said that her brother is handicapped, and tried to clarify that she is thankful for Shaw for continuously paying her brother even when they told him to stay at home at the start of the pandemic.

Other netters have pointed out that nonetheless there could be a better arrangement for this uncle instead of confining him in a cargo lift. That doesn’t sound healthy, much less for a 60-year-old man! He is exposed to the viruses, and there are definitely better alternatives! Why can’t he perform the checks at the lift’s entrance or at the vehicle entry point?

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