Entitled FT: Insane for Singapore to Punish Me for Not Wearing Mask. Let Me Go!

A British foreign talent who was caught for not wearing a mask on the train now says that he does not deserve to be treated like this. 39-year-old Benjamin Glynn believes he is the victim as he did not know that he was being filmed. He was also shamed online.

He insists there is nothing wrong with not wearing a mask as it does not offer any protection.

“I had no idea anyone had even been filming, but it turned out a video of me unmasked on the late train home from work surfaced online… I don’t believe there is any evidence that masks protect you from Covid-19.

Normally I would just tell people I’m exempt and it had never posed any issues before. But now I’m stuck here without my family and I don’t even know when I will appear in court, never mind what my sentence will be.

All for something I don’t believe in.”

He was supposed to go back to the UK for a job but lost it because of this case. His family already returned without him and agreed that “this whole situation is ridiculous”. Glynn finds it unfair that he has to go through all this even though he did not do anything wrong. He feels helpless as he is “stranded” in Singapore.

“I want to leave the country anyway – just let me go!

I think it’s insane that I am facing a trial at all, just for not wearing a mask…

It’s a horrible situation to be in when I don’t know when I can next see my family…

I honestly believe it’s a hoax – I don’t feel there is any evidence to show mask-wearing is effective in any way… I think it’s nonsense.

But all I can do now is wait.”

Entitled FTs like him think they are special and can be exempted from any punishment in Singapore. When they get caught, they play victim and cry that we bullied them. Why do we continue to let them work here when they cannot respect our laws? We must remind these snowflakes that they are not special. All the more they must be charged for breaking our laws!

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