Ah Tiong Uncle Misses His Bus Stop, Demands Bus Driver To U-turn & Refuses To Alight

Over the weekend, Tiktok user @Wreon88 uploaded 3 videos which showed this uncle claiming in Chinese that the bus missed his stop. The uncle was angry, and repeatedly asked that the driver make a U-turn to send him back.

When the driver refused, the uncle took out his phone and threatened to call the police to lodge a complaint against the driver. The uncle also didn’t want to alight the bus, saying that it is too far from his destination. Yes, this uncle decided to hold up a whole bus just because he missed his stop.

The bus driver said that he did not hear the bell ring, but the uncle insists that he did press the bell. Another lady passenger can be heard off-screen, claiming that the uncle failed to alight at his destination which is apparently the same stop where she had boarded earlier. She said, “yah, you stop there, I go up, but he never go down.”

The uncle also said this was his first time taking a bus, but he knew where to alight. He then asked for a taxi, and demanded monetary compensation.

Towards the end of the videos, @wreon88 said all of the passengers in the bus alighted and boarded the next bus.

The videos have since been removed from the Tiktok channel. Instead, @wreon88 made another video saying that he regrets labelling the uncle’s nationality, and that he should have been more patient with him.

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