Shamsul Kamar: I Was Misunderstood. I Never Said the Woman in the Photo was Her

Shamsul Kamar has apologized for being “misunderstood” and not because he was sorry to Ms Sarah.

He had shared a post by “Fabrications About the PAP”, insinuating that she has an “agenda” because she supports the Workers’ Party. This is despite having no evidence the woman in the photo was her. Even if it was, so what? You mean she must be up to no good just because she supports WP? Stop trying to smear an ordinary citizen!

Shamsul Kamar later apologized for being misunderstood. He said he never mentioned that it was Ms Sarah and only wanted to tell everyone not to be divisive.

“I’m sorry that it seems many misunderstood my key intention of sending the message to everyone that we need to stand united rather than divisive especially during this period of the pandemic.

If you read my posts especially on my public page, this has been a consistent message I have been advocating to let’s fight this pandemic together.

That’s what the shared post was about.”

Quoted from his clarification with Mothership

You believe him? There are better ways to tell people to stand united. Why did he have to use that post? It’s not like it conveys the message of unity anyway. What kind of lame excuse is this?

Shamsul Kamar, Amrin Amin and the PA have continuously made mistakes and remain shameless. They must apologize not for being misunderstood, but for making allegations against an ordinary citizen. They must not be allowed to think that they can POFMA Singaporeans and sue us for defamation but escape punishment when they do the same. There is so much arrogance, insensitivity and incompetence. How long more do we have to put up with them?

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