South Asia Says That The Shortage Of Tech Talent In Singapore Is “A Blessing For India And The Indians”

On 16 June 2021, Times Of India published an article sharing that Singapore is facing “a severe shortage of technology talent”. It even quoted Managing Director of the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) Ravi Menon for saying that this means that Singapore will need to rely on foreign talent.

The article then proceeds to say that this will be a “blessing for India and Indians” because their “top talents” who get “great offers and companies in Singapore” will set up offshore centres back in India.

As expected, at the end of the day, the CECA agreement benefits South Asia more than us. They come here and earn salaries while taking over businesses, at the end of the day, their salaries are sent back home, and the businesses also end up there.

The article also talks about salary, saying that recent emphasis on technology “have already raised local tech salaries significantly,” saying that a head of engineering will earn about S$350-400k now in Singapore.

Where did this number come from? The average salary for a head of engineering is about S$100k in Singapore. Is the S$350-400k a special pay for CECAporeans? The article also attributes this to the increase in minimum salary requirements for expats in Singapore.

“Singapore does not have a history of working on complex technology projects. We train them to bring them up to speed and supplement them with more experienced guys from India,”
– Sai Sudhakar, CEO of APAR Technologies

Wow. So our technology students in our universities not as up to speed with the students in South Asia? The article kept referring to India’s “matured tech ecosystem and large talent pool of world-class engineers,” but who are these engineers? We keep reading about news of fake education degrees being offered in India, is this where the talent pool comes from? If university certificates can be printed with a click of a button of course you will have a bigger talent pool than us.

Why are we allowing this to happen? First we allow them to take over our workforce with their fake degrees, and then we let them earn way more than local Singaporeans. Now, they’re even finding more excuse to bring their fellow South Asians in by saying that Singapore’s talent cannot compete with theirs. It is about time we relook into CECA and revoke it before this gets even more out of hand!

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