Passer-by Accused of Being Racist After Telling 2 Women to Wear Their Masks!

A netizen got told off by 2 South Asian women and is afraid of confronting any of them anymore, for fear of being called a racist.

He/she was at Simei when a couple of South Asian women got off the bus and took off their masks. They then started chatting away. The netizen approached them and nicely advised them to put on their masks but got accused for being a racist instead.

“They told me to buzz off and I have no right to tell them what to do. I told them that it is the law here that everyone must put on a mask unless they are doing exercise. They then say walking is also an exercise, and accuse me of being a racist for harassing them because they are from India.”

So now telling people to put on a mask makes you a racist? Anything involving 2 people of different races = racist?

“Since when calling them out for breaking the law is consider as racism? They started filming me and kept shouting at me calling me a racist for harassing them, but when I took out my phone to do the same, they quickly put on their mask and walk away.

Seriously if I have not encountered such a thing myself, I would not have believe our country has come to a stage where racism gets thrown about for every slightest incident. Now I am afraid to confront these people when I see them breaking the law fearing that they might twist their story and accuse me of racism.”

Is this a society?

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