Mothers Write To KKH CEO Questioning COVID Vaccine Effects On Pregnancy

Singapore has administered at least 4,392,067 doses of COVID vaccines so far, yet, the effects of the vaccine are still unknown. Even though there have been a number of deaths happening shortly after getting vaccinated, MOH and our doctors still refuse to admit that there might be a link between those deaths and the vaccine.

Vaccinations of pregnant mothers are allegedly underway in KKH, and a group of mothers and mothers-to-be decided to write in to the hospital to ask them to provide more information about the risks of the mRNA vaccines on their pregnancy.

In the letter, they asked for more details about the clinical trials, and the “mild to severe” side effects from the vaccines that have been in the news. They also questioned if KKH will be helping to look after their children should there be issues as a result of the COVID vaccines in the long run.

This is a very well written letter which only asks for answers. Singaporeans deserve answers. Since the government is pushing for everyone to get vaccinated, will they be taking responsibility if there are long term effects? What we see so far is that they keep denying links between deaths and the vaccine. What are they trying to hide?

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