Man Lost His Mother 29hrs After She Got Vaccinated. He Now Demands Truth!

A man lost his mother 29 hours after she took the Pfizer vaccine.

She was vaccinated on 3 June and had a sore arm but everything seemed fine. “On 4th June, at around 7pm she was even chatting with my dad and around 7.15pm, she collapsed. Dad called 995, they guided him on the phone to do chest compressions, 15 mins later, paramedics arrived, they did some emergency procedures and brought her to the hospital.

She passed away after doctors failed to resuscitate her. The cause of death was a heart attack.

The man questioned the police investigation officer and the counter staff at the hospital about why nobody said anything about the vaccine.

“I questioned again, is the heart attack caused by the P****r vaccine? She answered, that can only be answered by the pathologist. I then asked, can I speak to the pathologist? She answered, you need to talk to your investigation officer to submit an inquiry to get the court to approve an inquiry… but I need to be prepared to wait cos C*v*d related inquiries currently have a four months waiting time.”

At that point, the man left as he was sure that he will not get answers.

“At my mum’s wake, a friend of mine said his uncle too passed away shortly after taking the vaccine. I was starting to get suspicious. Is there a pattern?” “Is it possible that C*v*d vaccine related injuries or deaths are classified as something else right now?”

He asked for people with similar experiences to contact him so that they can seek the truth together. He emphasized that he is not trying to tell people not to get vaccinated, as he already got it and was fine.

As a son, he only wants answers about his mother and have some closure. “There is a possibility that my mum could be the minority [with serious effects] and if it’s true, I hope that the untold truths about the vaccine can come to light.”

Deepest condolences to the man and his family.

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