Redmart Includes Pork In Delivery Even Though Family Specified “to pack only Halal items”

Alfian Aripin ordered his groceries online from Redmart, “specifying to pack only Halal items”. However, when the groceries arrived, they found pork packed together with other food items!

On 13 June, Alfian shared his story in a Facebook post. He also added that the delivery guy left abruptly after placing all his items at his doorstep.

According to the comments, Alfian probably ordered a grocery tote from Redmart. Others also pointed out that Redmart does not have a specific tote for halal products, one even wrote to Majlis Ugama Islam Singapura about it.

Redmart needs to step up their game! Why don’t they have a Halal pack? Also, do they not check the buyer’s notes before packing?

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