Woman Refused to Wear Mask on Bus 69, Fought With Driver and SBS Staff

A woman was shamed online for causing nuisance and not wearing a mask. She was on board bus 69 from Bedok Interchange when she started arguing with the bus captain, who only wanted her to put on her mask.

He realized that she was not wearing one after another passenger informed him about it.

He advised her nicely to put on a mask but the woman kicked up a fuss and argued with him. Helpless, the driver called SBS for backup. They sent an officer to persuade her but she continued causing a ruckus, saying: “Why do I have to wear a mask? Not dirty what!” (translated)

She even threatened the officer to call the police. By then, most of the passengers had enough of it and alighted from the bus.

The crazy woman also alighted after arguing with them for some time. Is it that hard to wear a mask?

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