No Sound from PA and Snowflake Amrin Amin. Are They Not Going to Apologize?

No sound from the People’s Association and Amrin Amin after their clarification had gone wrong. They tried to explain that it was not racist to use a Malay couple’s wedding photo without permission. PA even cancelled the meeting with them because it thought they were trying to make this into a racist incident when it is not.

Firstly, PA should continue with the meeting. Now that things have come to this, it is more important to meet them and talk things over. It’s not like they were wrong for seeking opinions before the meeting anyway. Why cannot?

As an association that aims to promote racial and religious harmony, it is irresponsible of the PA to reject the chance for important conversations. It is also unprofessional to leave a problem like this unsolved. What’s the point of having a People’s Association that does not want to associate itself with the people?

Secondly, Amrin Amin must apologize. It has been a day after his derogatory “snowflake” comment but he has not responded. He may not be a MP anymore but he still has a certain standing. His comment was inappropriate and he must take responsibility for it.

Keeping quiet will only show that they do not have the guts or professionalism to face up to their mistakes. Next time, before they come up with an arrogant statement or an arrogant comment, they should use their brain first. Gone are the days where Singaporeans accept and listen to everything they say. It’s time we remind them that they are not always right.

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