Elderly Pushes A Wheel Barrow To “Steal” Soil From Public Space?

On 13 June at about 12:30pm, somebody saw this uncle pushing a wheelbarrow at a traffic light. Later, she saw him using a spade to “take public soils from public space”.

One “Andy Tan” shared about this incident in a Facebook post. The post asked,

“It’s a whole barrow filled with soils. He also used a big plastic container to fill up soils too. Is his actions in taking very huge amount of public soils (NParks) deem as stealing? What do you think? Nparks? Police?”

In the comments, other netters questioned Andy’s post, saying that the images he provided did not show a full barrow of soil. Others pointed out that this elderly man usually picks up the soil to add them to nearby plants outside a temple, in other words, he is helping NParks do their job.

What do you think? Nowadays because of camera phones and social media, people like to snap pictures and jump to conclusions without factchecking. Seems like this is another case of that happening.

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