People’s Voice Lim Tean: PAP allowing a lost generation of our youth to happen is unforgivable

Singaporean youths (15-24 years old) are getting more educated. However, our youth unemployment rate remains high, wavering around the 9% mark. People’s Voice’s leader Lim Tean made a facebook post on 11 Jun 2021 to question why the PAP has neglected our youths while the CECA agreement continues to fill up our workforce with those from South Asia.

“In June 2020, MOM’s own statistics showed that the unemployment rate for youths between 15-29 years of age was a shocking 9.8%! I ask those mothers and fathers who have spent years bringing up and educating their next generation whether this figure suggests that their children are likely to have a better or a lesser future than them?”
– Lim Tean

Singaporeans have spent years trying to make sure that our youths receive education, hoping for a brighter future for them. In fact, our youth literacy rate has been growing, from 99.5% in 2000 to 99.93% in 2021. However, many of them are still not getting places in our local universities.

“Yet, every year huge numbers of foreign students are admitted into our local universities.”
– Lim Tean

And even after the more privileged students are able to go overseas for their education, many of them are still finding it difficult to find jobs here. Just look at our unemployment rate, why does it remain high even though our youths are getting more educated? At the same time, why are we seeing more and more South Asian nationals in our workforce as more of them become CECAporean citizens and PRs?

The PAP keep trying to say that CECA is for Singapore’s benefit. What is this benefit? Is it worth the cost that is our youth’s future?

“It is increasingly clear that those who have no answers to the evils brought about by unfair treaties such as CECA have resorted to calling their opponents racist and xenophobic.

In politics, this is known as deadcatting or the dead cat strategy. Those who are trying to take the conversation away from the real issue at hand will deliberately throw a dead cat on the dinner table. The dead cats in this case are racism and xenophobia. They want to get people talking about racism and xenophobia, which has nothing to do with the real issue that is causing so much grief. This is their strategy to DISTRACT.”
– Lim Tean

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