Amrin Amin Blasted by Netizens for Calling Fellow Singaporean A “Snowflake”

Amrin Amin used to be a MP in Sengkang GRC. Today, he proved those who voted him out right by being petty and calling a fellow Singaporean a “snowflake”.

He was responding to a netizen who felt that it was racist of the People’s Association to use a wedding couple’s photo as Hari Raya decoration without their permission. The netizen said:

Amrin Amin defended the PA by saying that their mistake was not a racist one. Most disturbingly, he replied:

His comment was of course met with a lot of criticism. Singaporeans told him off on Facebook for making a comment that was so uncalled for. For someone of his standing, his words were unprofessional, unnecessary and inappropriate.

A few were relieved that he got voted out of Sengkang GRC:

So this is his true colours. Luckily Singaporeans saw through him and voted him out. Kamxia Sengkang!

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