Violent Neighbour Attacked Man With Bicycle Chain for Blocking His Way!

A Singapore resident was attacked out of nowhere by his neighbour. He had placed a ladder in the corridor to clean the windows when his crazy neighbour whacked his head with a bicycle chain and padlock.

“He claimed that I was blocking his path to go back home just because I placed his bike by the walkway.”

The poor man was left bleeding from the head. His children were in shock as they witnessed the unreasonable attack.

“He hit me twice on the head and shoulder with the bicycle chain. I shouted for help as my head was bleeding profusely and I was in severe pain. My 2 kids were in the living room and were startled to see me covered in blood.

Luckily, my other helpful neighbour came out to check the situation and quickly went to stop the neighbour from attacking me. My helpful neighbour lay me down as I was feeling unconscious but I was very worried for the safety of my 2 kids as the main door was unlocked. Thankfully my helpful neighbour was keeping an eye on the assailant.”

Surely that did not call for an attack! This is worrying. What is our society becoming?

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