Foreigner Finds It Unfair that Singaporeans Get Priority for Vaccination!

A foreigner started a discussion online asking why Singaporeans can get vaccinated first. He/she asked if it is fair that other residents, for example those with Employment Pass or Dependant’s Pass, can only register for the vaccine after Singaporeans get theirs.

The user was also upset for having to wait longer.

“It was previously announced that there would be a delay of 2 weeks for this group (non-Singaporeans), but in todays announcement, it (said it) will open ‘in the coming months’. Keeping in mind most of the slots will be booked by Singaporean citizens in the next few weeks – that means a significant delay for everyone else to get vaccinated.”

He/she questioned if this is justified.

What do you think? Is it wrong for a country to put its own citizens first, or is it more wrong for someone like him/her to expect to be treated first?

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