Ex-NMP Calvin Cheng Says It’s Time For Singapore To Open Our Borders And Shorten SHN For Foreigners

Earlier today, ex-NMP Calvin Cheng made another ridiculous FB post saying that eating out is our weakest link, and that Singapore should be careful about relaxing our dining out activities. He also says that we should open our borders and lower our SHN to 14 days for the foreigners.

“Singapore’s existence is founded on us being a trading hub where people come and go freely. It wasn’t founded as a hub for eating out.”
– Calvin Cheng

This man must live in a cave to not notice that for a while now, most of our daily cases were imported, many of which came from South Asia (the Delta variant has already been found to be the most prevalent variant here). One of the first clusters started spreading because a man was tested positive after his SHN, and that is one of the reasons behind why they increased the SHN to 21 days for some countries in the first place! It is for Singaporeans’ safety!

If we had closed our borders earlier, the Delta variant would not have come in in the first place! This has nothing to do with eating out. None of the clusters were formed at hawker centers or F&B outlet since the Delta variant first came in. Eating out is not our weakest link, our opened borders is the weakest link.

Is this man hoping that our local hawkers and businesses suffer even more while people from high risk countries happily stroll in?

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