Racist Ngee Ann Poly Lecturer Who Is Against Mixed Race Marriages Talked Bad About The Quran In Class?!

Just last week, the video of this racist xiao lang scolding a mixed-race couple for being racist was trending. Some of the ridiculous things he said included “I think it’s racist that Indians prey on Chinese girls!” and “If you are proud of your own race you should go find someone from India!”

Turns out this guy was actually a Ngee Ann Poly lecturer Tan Boon Lee.

One ex-student of his from Ngee Ann Poly Nurul took to her Instagram (@_new_rule_) to share that he also previously spoke against the Quran and Prophet Muhammad in his class.

“On 28th July 2017, Mr Tan used our class period to have a full-on discourse about Islam which escalated so badly that I ended up sitting outside on the floor of the corridor”
– Nurul

In her Instagram post, she included some of her InstaStories from 2017 which quoted things that Tan Boon Lee said. This includes “What type of father tells u to worship him 5 times a day and threatens to send u to hell if u don’t?”

He even challenged Nurul, the only Muslim in class, to a debate. She wrote, “He even pointed to me… and asked if I agreed with what he was saying.”

A fellow classmate Merrick decided to walk out, which gave Nurul the courage to do the same.

In case you were wondering, this was not a class about religion. This is a “Objected Oriented Programming” module. What is worse, is that when she made a complaint to Ngee Ann Poly about him, she “remember nothing happening”. She also had to return to his class every week for that semester.

WTF why this CCB lecturer like to randomly pick on people to talk bad about their race or religion?! This incident was in 2017, how many more young and impressionable students have been under him?! He should be properly taken to task for this and he should not be allowed to teach again, not now and not in the future!

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