Tikopek hitch driver asks his passenger if he can touch her for $3K WTF

Why nowadays got so many Tikopek in Singapore?! Is it the circuit breaker making yall damn horny? Got one Tikopek hitch driver tried to ask his passenger whether he can touch her chest and her thighs WTF

This Tikopek driver called “Clarence” first randomly offered the passenger a discount, saying that it’s for “pretty people like you” and that “you really hot la, just being honest.”

But it didn’t stop there. This horny bastard then asked her if he can rest his hand on her thigh while driving, to which the girl replied “wtf no.” That’s when the driver started to offer her money, going from $300 to $3000 “including touching ur chest”. He even told her that he “will give you cash first thing we meet.”

Luckily the girl stood her ground and decide not to take his ride. So many tikopeks very horny these days, must be because of CB then Geylang close! Everybody please be careful when taking hitch rides!

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