Hearing Loss, Organ Failure Happening to Recovered Covid-19 Patients in India

Doctors in India have found more serious complications linked to the B1617 variant. Although the country reported a drop in cases, it is seeing a surge in complications among people who have already recovered from Covid-19.

Some patients experienced hearing loss, severe gastric problems, joint pain and blood clots so bad it affected their blood flow and led to gangrene. Two patients had their limbs amputated.

There are also many cases of fungal infections, some of which are commonly known as black fungus. It is an infection that affects the nose, eye and brain. One man in India recovered from Covid-19 but later died from fungal infections. Others had to have their eyes removed.

Some people even experienced organ failure. Furthermore, the variant is affecting more children.

Hospitals in India are preparing for a third wave of infection which may involve a more aggressive and devastating variant. Who knows what other complications it will bring and how many more lives it will take….

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