Delta Variant is Now Most Prevalent Locally! Did 160 Media Try to Downplay It?

The 160th media is showing off its high quality reporting again! Today, it posted an article on its Facebook page titled: “550 out of about 62,000 Covid-19 cases in Singapore infected with Delta variant“.

Now, why would they compare the number of variant cases to the total number of cases we have so far? We only recorded the Delta variant recently. So why is ST comparing it with the cumulative number of cases we have since Covid-19 first reached our shores in 2020? Is it trying to downplay the transmission of the variant?

ST probably realized that it made a wrong analysis as the headline now reads: “550 Covid-19 cases infected with Delta variant detected in Singapore so far”.

Truth is, most of our local transmissions now are of the Delta variant. Data from end May 2021 shows that as many as 428 out of 550 cases are local transmissions.

We don’t know if ST was trying to downplay it or if it was really that dumb in comparing figures, but what we do know is that it is definitely not the “high quality media” it claims to be. Believe it if you wish, but remember, it is ranked 160th for a reason.

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