Landlord Charges Tenant Double Rent If Singapore Goes Into Lockdown

Because of Circuit Breaker, a lot of people are working from home. This opportunistic landlord decided to charge their tenant double the rent for spending “24hr in the house”.

In a Facebook post, netter “Pi Hai” expressed his shock that a landlord would have such a bizarre rental system. He said that he initially agreed to his rental charge of $400/month (~$13.33/day) over the phone with his landlord. Only after he paid his first rent and deposit did the landlord inform him about these additional charges.

Other than charges for lockdown, he is also charged additional $2/day if he is on night shift, $10/day if he is on MC, and $13.33/day if he is on his annual leave. When he goes on sick leave, the renter is also required to take a photo of the MC and send it to the landlord.

The story does not end here. When “Pi Hai” decided to move out after his first month due to these rules, the landlord threatened him with a lawsuit. The landlord said that he wanted to sue “Pi Hai” for compensation because the latter has not stayed for 6 months.

Wonder what type of house this is, everything also must pay.

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