India Doctor Cut Off Patients’ Oxygen Supply to See Who Can Survive and Be Discharged

As many as 22 patients may have died in a hospital in Agra, a city in India.

The hospital experienced a shortage of oxygen supply and as a result, had to discharge some patients. However, nobody wanted to leave. So, one of the doctors carried out an “experiment” by cutting off their oxygen supply for 5 minutes to see who could actually survive without it.

“I decided to try something out – a mock drill of sorts – and asked the staff to identify those whose oxygen supply can be cut… We snapped the oxygen supply for 5 minutes… 22 patients started gasping for breath and their bodies began turning blue. So we came to know that they will not survive in case there is no oxygen. Family members of the remaining 74 patients in the ICU wards were told to bring their own oxygen cylinders.”

The news has gone viral in India and an investigation has been launched. When asked if 22 patients had died from the incident, the doctor in charge said that he did not have the exact number.

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