Ah Tiong Scold SG For Not Approving China Vaccines: “is it because you don’t want to recognize the might and power of China?”

On a Chinese video-sharing mobile app Kuaishou, a foreign worker living in Singapore (@xiaoqige567) made a video to kaopeh that Singapore never approve Sinovac/Sinopharm for our national vaccine programme. This means that those who want it will have to pay for it themselves, and if you get side effects the government will not cover.

In the 2 min 12 sec video, he asked –

“is it because you don’t want to recognize the might and power of China? Or is it Singapore enjoy sucking USA’s balls? Or are you waiting for all the PRCs to return to China, and leave all the crappy jobs for Singaporeans? I don’t think Singapore is able to pay this price! Singapore will die!”

He also expressed his disappointment, saying that “As a PRC citizen working and living in Singapore, who is contributing to Singapore’s GDP, I know Singapore is very resourceful. But you sure you want to be cocky now?”

He says he is speaking for all the PRCs living in Singapore, that we should approve the “best vaccine in the world” from China now. KNNCCB, why is HE so cocky! The efficacy rate for the different vaccines, Pfizer and Moderna are at 95% and 94%, while Sinovac and Sinopharm are 51% and 79%. The efficacy rate lower still say best in the world?!

He is also very ungrateful! Our Singapore government already sponsored the mRNA vaccines for migrant workers in the dorms and they are trying to roll it out to more and more people here. If he really wants Sinovac he can pay for it, nobody stopping him!

Watch the full video on our Instagram @allsporestuff here.

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