Netizen: Why Is The State Media Hiding The Identity Of Those Who Made The Asatizah Poll?

Dear Editor,

I refer to the Asatizah poll incident that has caused a great deal of outrage to all Singaporeans, regardless of whether they are Muslims or not as it insulted the modesty of the women involved. Now, compare this to the 38 Oxley Rd issue where it embarrassed only the PM and his spouse for family problems that spilled into the public domain of Abuse of Office.

This is where the disquiet begins! Those involved, purportedly religious students themselves were neither named nor their photographs published in the spirit of transparency, whereas the pictures of Terry Xu and Daniel De Costa were splashed across State media in a bid to damage their reputation. To add injury to insult, this photo of the star prosecution witness, a serial ex-convict Sim Wee Lee was also not published –

I believe that is the main reason our Press rankings and reliability has fallen into the black category and is set to fall further with the persistent cronyistic practices of our State approved media. However, this will not improve electoral results of the PAP as citizens are “woke” now and more aware of happenings in the Nation. It will take more than Press censorship and unlevelled playing ground for citizens to want to vote for the Opposition.

The upcoming Court verdicts of the Aljunied-Hougang Town Council and TOC criminal defamation cases set to resume this July will seal the fate of the government in the years to come as trust and public confidence in the system will deplete further depending on the outcomes.

Ironically, the leadership does not see things that way so long as they ‘achieve’ what they set themselves out to do, no matter the costs involved. it is not what Social Media publishes but what the PAP does that erodes public trust for the saying goes: “Trust is not what you say but what you do!”

Matthew G
A.S.S. Contributor

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