Wrong COVID Vaccine Given To 16-year-old Boy

MOH recently announced that those who are 12-18 years old can take the Pfizer vaccine. But somehow this 16-year-old boy was allowed to register for his vaccination at Kolam Ayer Community Club which only carries the Moderna vaccine.

“Our investigations found that the individual’s date of birth had been erroneously entered when booking a vaccination appointment after receiving the sign-up link. This resulted in his age being incorrectly registered as above 18 years of age, making it possible for a Moderna vaccination centre to be selected.”
press release from MOH & MOE

Walao so you blame the boy and his family for keying in wrongly? You are the one who send everyone their “unique registration link” to register for vaccine, but how come the link never filter out Moderna centres?! And nowadays everything automatic use SingPass we don’t even need to key in such details, why never use SingPass for vaccine registration also?!

Some more, there were so many staff members in line before the vaccination station, but none of them checked the boy’s birth date before administering the vaccine? There are staff ushering at the entrance, another doing the registration, and last but not least the staff who gave him the vaccine. All never check?! You ask us to bring our NRIC when taking vaccine for a reason right?

Also, what will happen if there are negative side effects? Will they brush it off to say that there is “no conclusive links” between the vaccine and the ailment again? Mistakes after mistakes by our MOH, they still ownself praise ownself say they got everything under control. Failing to verify should not be an excuse! What a joke!

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