South Asians Scam Their People With Fake Oxygen Tanks Made Using Fire Extinguishers

Fake degrees, fake national songs, and now even fake oxygen tanks! It was reported that scammers in Delhi are selling fake oxygen tanks to the vulnerable in their country!

“These people were producing fake vials which cost them about 20 rupees and (they) sold it in the market for anything above 10,000 rupees,”
– senior Delhi police officer Shibesh Singh to AFP news

Apparently, other scam companies are repainting fire extinguishers and selling them as oxygen cylinders.

“Komal Taneja’s husband Chandrakant died gasping for breath at his New Delhi home last month after the oxygen canister that they paid $200 for on the internet never arrived.

“We desperately tried to find a hospital bed for a week… Two private hospitals asked us for a million rupees ($13,800) in advance,” Komal, her voice cracking on the phone, told AFP.

“Then we came across a contact online promising an oxygen cylinder delivery within an hour of making the 15,000 rupees payment. When we did, they asked for more money, and then stopped responding,” Komal added.

Just how low will these people go? Scamming their own vulnerable people for profit. They can fake just about everything and there are so many of them who are so unethical, playing with human lives! This is why we must be selective with those South Asians we let into Singapore!

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