Singaporean Cheats On Siambu, Apologizes On Live Video With Condoms On His Face

A Singaporean decided to make a live video with condoms on his face after cheating on his siambu. He said he’s sorry that he “went to fuck another lady”, and promised his siambu that he will take care of her and their child.

The video was also uploaded onto YouTube with the following caption –

“I’m sorry baby Supannika Kaewnoppakao all of our past story i did wrong to you. I went to fuck another lady and have alot thing hidden and lie to you so much. I accepted this challenge and i promise you i will take good care of you and child for the whole entire of my life. I wont lie u, cheat u or lie u anymore baby 😔 i promise i will be your good boy till our white hair grew together. I’m alex wang xiang yi *dared* by you and doing it for you because i love u so much.”

Sibei xia suay this guy!

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