South Asian Woman Angry With ICA For Questioning Her South Asian Degree

What a mouthful because we cannot say “India” must say “South Asia”. This South Asian woman posted in Facebook group “Indians in Singapore” to kaopeh that ICA questioned her bachelor’s degree in her EP application. She proudly say that she graduated from “DCAC, DU” (she is probably talking about Delhi College Of Arts & Commerce, Delhi University).

This Delhi University already got history of helping students cover up their fake degrees. You can read one of the news here. Of course we must question!

“A university concerned about its reputation could be expected to act swiftly to dispel any suggestion that it was sanguine about a high visibility student with a fake degree and fake documents continuing as its student…

But the Department of Buddhist Studies, where Baisoya is a registered student, and the Delhi University administration have shown no interest in settling matters quickly or at all. They seem entirely unconcerned that someone without an undergraduate degree is a masters student at the university.”
– In “Fake degree: Delhi University has provided cover for lies of student union president Ankiv Baisoya

This South Asian Woman also say she already finish her master’s in SMU so she don’t understand why ICA question. Come on lah! SMU just welcome you to earn some of your money you think you can so easily just use SMU as a stepping stone for a job here meh?! Also, our local universities need to be more vigilant when taking in this kind of students! They are just spoiling our universities’ name (and we already got horny locals for that!)

In the comment section of her post, there are also South Asians who also want to kaopeh about their difficulties when applying for EP here. Walao eh got one even say he got his degree from this “Anna University” which has also been in the news for being a scam. Even real students at “Anna University” can pay bribes to change their scores. Of course we cannot trust!

“Moorthy and Devaraj  were arrested when they were about to deliver the certificates which included provisional, convocation and consolidated marksheet, for a course at Anna University. Since they had forgotten to affix a stamp, one of them brought the stamp to the spot.”
– In “Fake certificate racket busted in Chennai”

She already deleted her Facebook post, but it still highlights the problem of all these South Asians being damn entitled. They think they got money to pay for degree, got money to pay for a master’s in SMU, and got money to pay for their air tickets here means they deserve a job here.

For too many years our government has been welcoming them with open arms, the comment even say the degree from “Anna University” is common here. We cannot let this continue! We must revoke CECA!

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