Singapore Records 45 Covid Cases Days After LHL And Task Force Ownself Praise Ownself!

Today, Singapore recorded a total of 45 new Covid-19 cases – the highest number this week! Out of the 45, 35 are community cases. Most of them are from MINDSville@Napiri, an adult disability home.

Just a few days ago, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong assured that we are “on track” to bring Covid-19 under control. The multi-ministry task force confidently announced that we are going in “the right direction”. So what happened?

This does not look like it is under control or in the right direction at all.

10 cases were imported, but among them, only 5 are Singaporeans/PRs. The 160th media did not give details as to who the remaining 5 imported cases are. So we are still allowing non-Singaporeans/PRs in! Where are they from and why are they not giving us more information? Do Singaporeans not deserve to know?

Our country has seen another wave of Covid-19 infections ever since the B1617 variant seeped in. The PAP has praised themselves for handling the pandemic well but many of us remain critical of their slow action and refusal to close borders. How long are we going to believe them? Are things really better now?

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