PRs Must Now Test Negative Before Entering Singapore. Why Wasn’t This Done Before?!

The government is now pushing responsibility to airlines. Under a new requirement by the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS), airlines must ensure that Singaporean/PRs test negative for Covid-19 before entering our country.

Airlines will have to bear the consequences and send a traveler back if he/she has an invalid test result or is denied entry. This looks like another round of tai chi by our elite ministers as they will not be the ones held accountable!

The move also comes too late. Before this, only long term pass holders and short term pass visitors had to test negative. Does it mean that PRs from high-risk countries have been coming in without testing negative? How can the government allow this?

The PAP has not only ignored our calls to close borders, it failed to impose such basic, necessary restrictions on travelers from South Asia. They are the ones who allowed the B1617 variant to spread in our community.

The new restriction is something they should have done MUCH earlier. Its inaction and failure to listen shows a lack of responsibility for the safety of Singaporeans.

Is there anything left for us to believe in if our own leaders don’t prioritize our interests? Is it wrong of us, as Singapore citizens, to ask that of the government?

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