Why Does PAP Keep Trying To Sweep Their Own Mistakes Under The Carpet?

It’s been almost a year since GE2020, but there is still no news of investigations into the infamous Ivan Lim. This is despite PM Lee’s personal promise that there will be investigations.

“So, after the elections, the party will investigate the veracity of allegations against Ivan and we will come to a view on the matter,”
– PM Lee

When the stories of his past came out, the PAP were still so confident about their recruitment process. So confident then tell us what you found in your “investigations” lah! You keep quiet we can only assume that you found that the things people said is true!

More recently, SMRT Feedback made a very racist post about why Malay Muslims cannot hold sensitive positions such as in the Air Force or the Navy. Syazana Yahya decided to make a police report against the page. However, not only were our government was silent about it, mainstream media did not report on this news as well.

The post has since been removed, but we can tell that this is just unfair! As Syazana Yahya rightly said in a separate post, the PAP were very quick to condemn Raessah Khan’s old postings where she highlighted discrimination against locals/minorities compared to elite groups. The police were also very quick to investigate Preetipls and Subhas Nair when they posted a satirical rap video in response to a racist “brownface” ad by NETS – the duo were issued a 2 year stern conditional warning.

“In my view, the actions of Ms Raeesah and Preetipls pales in comparison to that of SMRT Feedback, which associated Singaporean Muslims to an Al-Qaeda terrorist leader.”
– Syazana Yahya

What is the difference? That Ivan Lim is a PAP member and SMRT Feedback is a pro-PAP page? Singaporeans are not stupid, we can tell when the PAP is being unfair! We deserve answers!

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