‘Indian Variant’ Now Called ‘Delta’. Does It Stop the Stigma and Make Us Welcome Them More?

The World’s Health Organization (WHO) announced a new naming convention for different Covid-19 variants. The B1.617.2 variant that originated in India is now called “Delta”.

This comes after the Indian government demanded that people stop using the name “Indian variant” as it is scientifically inaccurate and hurts the country’s good name. Funny how they can say that even though its own politician Arvind Kejriwal accused us of having a more dangerous “Singapore variant”.

The WHO warned against naming a virus after its country of origin as communities may be stigmatized. Believe it or not, it invited many experts from all over the world to come up with the new names. They include international naming experts, researchers, people from government authorities and virus experts.

It is unbelievable that you need so many experts to come up with those names.

From Indian variant to South Asia to Delta, which term do you think Singaporeans will use? Does the name actually make a difference? Will it make you feel like you want to welcome them more, just like our elite open-legged leaders?

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