Research Exposes How Indian Employees Take Over IT Companies in the US

There is a paper by US-based Brightwork Research titled “How Indian IT Workers Discriminate Against Non-Indian IT Workers” which talks about how employees from India are threatening local employees in the US.

Some important points mentioned in the research –

“Indians do not create environments that non-Indians want to work. They are hostile environments…

It appears that the motivation is to have the domestic worker leave, and this allows an opening for the Indian workers to recommend another Indian, which then strengthens their hand within the company”

❶ According to the paper, Indians “see it as their duty to get jobs for family and tribe members in the US to get them out of India.” When their teams become primarily Indian, “they become progressively more Indian.” The workers’ motivation is to make your life hell so that you will leave “on your own accord.” They also take over recruiting roles.

“Indians are renowned for falsifying their resumes. The Indian term for this is ‘spicing’ the resume”

❷ Most people from India who apply for a work visa in the US falsely report their qualifications. There are companies in India which helps these applicants answer verification phone calls from the US embassy, but these “companies” only exist on paper. They also help provide fake documents.

“All they did was jump on an airplane…
However, Indians don’t see it this way. To their mind, they earned all of the benefits that were created by entirely different cultures. Furthermore, they seem to believe that more Indians also deserve this.”

❸ The Indians who make it out of India are arrogant. They believe that they deserve their privileges. They also look down on locals, thinking that Indians can do their job better. They like to propose that they are so skilled, more than all other groups in the US.

All the points sound very familiar, it is exactly what is happening here! We are already becoming CECApore, and we’re still welcoming more of them. All the local instances of Indian nationals bullying locals, stealing our songs, bringing in their “South Asian” variant of the virus in and blaming us for it etc., it’s about time our government revoke CECA!

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