Other Countries Give Incentives for Vaccination, Singaporeans Get Nothing

When all else failed, PM Lee Hsien Loong singled out those elderly who have yet to get vaccinated during his address to the nation on Singapore’s covid situation. He made a “special pitch” to them to get jabbed ASAP as they need to do their part to get Singapore back to normal.

However, other than guilt-tripping Singaporeans, the PM didn’t provide any real incentive for citizens to get vaccinated.

If vaccination is so important to get out of this pandemic, why isn’t the PAP providing any incentive to encourage people to come forward to get vaccinated? Vaccination is the only way out but they are not even offering Singaporeans a single cent!

Other countries are facing resistance to vaccination and unlike Singapore, they are taking real steps to increase the vaccination rates by providing real incentives.

In Hong Kong for instance, vaccinated residents can stand a chance to win a brand new flat and air tickets in lucky draws and employees get perks like cash, benefits and day offs.

In the US, states are giving out free tickets to attractions, free beer, discounts and opening cash prize lotteries to vaccinated residents.

In Singapore, instead of giving free money to business owners and rich people, the PAP should put the money where it is more useful.

During this covid-19 pandemic, the rich are getting richer, property prices and inflation are rising and it is the poor, it is the taxi drivers and it is those working to meet ends meet who are the worse hit.

If the PAP wants Singapore to get out from the pandemic, it should be serious about it. It shouldn’t be complacent and think that by relying on moral persuasion they will be successful in convincing everyone to get vaccinated. They need to put our taxpayer’s money to good use.

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