Gynaecologist in India Had Fake Degree and Allegedly Caused Death of Newborn Baby

A doctor in India, or South Asia, was recently suspended for holding a fake degree. The woman has been working as a gynaecologist in a government hospital in Kerala.

She was only found out after many complaints, including one in 2019 when a father blamed her for causing the death of his baby. She will be dismissed once the police logs this as a criminal case.

Investigations by their local health department showed that her post-graduate degree was fake. She never completed higher studies in gynaecology.

This is someone who has been in their government hospital for years. It is questionable how she was allowed to become a doctor when it is such an important and life-changing role.

The incident again sheds light on the sheer number of fake degrees in India. Just this year, 15 work pass holders in Singapore were investigated for having links to a fake degree scandal there. The Manav Bharti University was said to have sold as many as 36,000 fake degrees over 11 years!

Who is to say that a similar incident will not happen in our country? How will the government prevent it from happening? If you were them, will you continue to welcome them with open arms?

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